Auto/Car insurance Claims

An auto insurance policy is a contract where you pay premiums in order to receive coverage in the event of an accident.

The insurance company is responsible for paying the insured person’s losses. Insurance policies are complicated and there are big challenges  in dealing with large insurance companies, it is very difficult for auto insurance policyholders to fight back against dishonest and aggressive insurance companies.

People are often meet with delay, denied, or low compensation for their car, truck or motorcycle accident.   When an Insurance companies delays payment on your claim, its your loss and their gain.

1. The insurance company is NOT on your side. They are not your friend. They are not looking out for your best interest.  Claims adjusters and insurance company lawyers are paid to minimize the money they pay out. This true even when your going against your own policy for uninsured motorist coverage.  Just like most for-profit businesses, the insurance company works for its shareholders, not the people who pay their premiums.

2. After an accident a claims adjusterlawyer or investigator working for the insurance company is on the job the putting together evidence to support either denying your claim or minimizing the amount of your compensation.

3. Insurance companies work to confuse you and have you admit to something you don’t fully understand. They can then use that information against you in court to not pay your claim. Giving any statements to the insurance company without first engaging an attorney to represent you can be dangerous.

4. If the person who hit you does not have sufficient insurance coverage to cover your claim, and you have under-insured motorist coverage that exceeds that person’s coverage, you may be entitled to compensation from your insurance company.

5. Insurance companies have high-powered lawyers protecting their interests and representing them. You should retain your own experienced attorney to protect and represent your interests in the event of an auto, car, truck or motorcycle accident.

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