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Scott R. Dinin, P.A. Advocacy

Scott R. Dinin, is dedicated to the RIGHTS of the Insured, the RIGHTS of the Injured, and the RIGHTS of the Discriminated. When you have been injured, discriminated against, or left behind by your insurance company, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

When you get hurt, Your are not alone, you have caring professionals that will work to get you justice.

Your are not alone, you can count of our offices to help you in your struggle.

Insurance Policy Holders
We are dedicated to representing the insured against the Insurance Companies. We never have, and never will work for any insurance company. When you have an Insurance Policy, it is a policy that should fully protect you.  We have handled thousands of Insurance Claims and have filed hundreds of law suits in the last twenty four months to enforce our clients rights.

Zealous and Tough Advocacy / Period!